Monday, October 09, 2006

***Non Skeptical Essays has moved***

assalamu alaykum

I have been asked by my friend Abu Muhammad to inform readers of this blog he has moved. He will now be blogging at:

So please update your links, blogrolls, feeds etc.

Abu Muhammad explains more here at his new blog:

The real reason I have shifted my old blog to WordPress is because I am unable to manage the pain and mental agony any longer. My frustration is multiplied as access to blogger is not only blocked (in Pakistan) but users (Pakistani) who have switched to blogger beta cannot even log in to their dashboards anymore. To add insult to the injury, google’s blogger management is showing nothing but divine unconcern.

I am neither a versatile commentator like Thabet, Eteraz or Haroon nor an ardent and passionate blogger like Dr. Shabana Mir, Svend White or Mozaffar. I am just a reader who is desperate to make sense of what he reads and cast off his skepticism through the clarity of expression. I dont write a lot but being completely away from blogging makes me feel as if I am loosing the track of my thoughts and slackening intellectually.

Till the time WordPress updates their tool to import entries from blogger beta, there is no way I am able to bring all the posts and comments from the old blog. I’ll soon set up a page here to give a walkthrough of whatever I have written uptill now which is worthy enough to be mentioned.

So, once again, please update your links, blogrolls, feeds etc.



Anonymous Shabana writes:

You are very kind to make mention of me. Your level of analysis is far above mine. Good luck with wordpress. I miss blogger, unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I'd gone with typepad or something.

Monday, 09 October, 2006  
Blogger Té la mà Maria writes:

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Friday, 27 April, 2007  
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